New Beginnings

Hello there!  You've managed to stumble upon a one-man studio in the making, and since you're here, we might as well get acquainted!

My name is Patrick Richardson and game development is my hobby.  My introduction to designing my own games dates back as early as the release of a very popular game called Starcraft.  I was 11 years old at the time, and having been already a huge fan of Blizzard's previous successful title, Diablo, I was dying to see what their next gem would bring.  

I loved Starcraft, but I fell in love when I discovered the Map Editor, StarEdit.  It was there I began to tinker with map creation and Starcraft's simple, but effective, trigger system.  I had no idea that the principles I learned from this tool were some of the fundamentals of programming, and naturally, game development.

Since then I've moved on to other games with similarly powerful editors, such as Neverwinter Nights, and my first game development engine, Game Maker, being developed at the time by solely Marc Overmars,  

Between then and now I've delved into an array of different technological trades such as web development and general IT work, and intelligence fields during my time in the US Air Force.  During that time I have started familiarizing myself with Unity, and have completed a couple small games such as Cosmicube and Havoc Heroes (Also known as Knight Runner).

I then attended Louisiana State University and was awarded a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science, with a focus on Chinese Mandarin and a minor in Digital Media Arts and Engineering.

I now have an IT career working in the world of Dev Ops, but my passion for creating games has never died down.  The purpose of this blog will be to collect my thoughts and document my work for future projects, and will hopefully help me realize some of the games I've always dreamed of creating.


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